Prevent Mac OS X Lion Applications From Restoring With RestoreMeNot

The window restoration feature in Mac OS X Lion is perhaps one of the best features. The restoration feature resumes applications after a system reboot or shutdown. This means that the active apps are resumed from where you last left off. Despite being a handy feature, it can become annoying when some unwanted apps resume at system logon. Moreover, window restoration can only be disabled on a system-wide basis and not for specific applications. In other words, you can either disable all applications or none at all.

A remedy for this issue can be to use RestoreMeNot. It is a free application for disabling window restoration for individual applications in Mac OS X Lion.

Using RestoreMeNot you can forcibly block specific windows and applications that try to launch at system startup. The list of apps can be customized to create a precise restoration disable list which can be later altered anytime (if required).


ResumeMeNot simply installs and integrates directly to the System Preferences utility. Just run the prefPane and click Yes to integrate it into another section of System Preferences. Once integrated, launch RestoreMeNot application to start blocking auto-restore of apps. To block any added app, click the cross-imaged sign and choose application or window for which auto-restore access is to be blocked.

Note: RestoreMeNot does not support all kinds of apps as it can only block applications which save the restore data for restoring themselves from a previous state at system startup.

So if you are annoyed due to continuous restoration of unwanted applications in Mac OS X Lion, then try RestoreMeNot. RestoreMeNot works only with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

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[via Lifehacker]