Toggle Mac OS X Lion Features On & Off With Lion Tweaks

The latestMac OS X 10.7 has brought many stylish features on the footing of iPad. Despite the new and improved features, one may be interested in toggling some features on and off periodically, such as window options and animations.

Lion Tweaks is a Mac Lion tweaking application which can quickly turn off numerous exclusive Mac features  All you need to do is to click on Yes or No for those Mac features which you wish to change.

The available options which can be turned off or on, include the following:

  • Show the user Library folder
  • Enable the 2D-Dock
  • Remove system Window Animation
  • Remove reading list icon in Safari
  • Disable Spelling correction
  • Get a new Stack (Dock) list view
  • Highlight stack items on mouse over
  • Change iCal Leather to Aluminum
  • Enable repeating keys
  • Enable permanent scrollbars
  • Show hidden files
  • Disable crash dialog pop-up
  • Change address book leather Alu

Mac OS X Lion Tweak

Lion Tweaks works only on Mac OS X 10.7

Download Lion Tweaks