Hidden rows won’t unhide

Question : Hidden rows won’t unhide

Here’s a strange one…

I have a 2007 xlsx file from a client.  I use 2003, so I use the converter to open the file and work on it.  The file opens without problems in my Excel 2003.  The problem I run into is that I can see that rows 66 thru 70 are hidden and I’m not able to unhide them.

I asked the client to unhide them in her Excel 2007 and then send the file again, but she can’t unhide them either.  This is a file she inherited from a person who is now gone and she doesn’t know why/when the rows were hidden.  The worksheet is not protected.

Is there something that I’m not aware of that is preventing these rows from being unhidden?  How can I change it?

I’ll clean out the data so the client won’t mind if attach the file here.


Solution: Hidden rows won’t unhide

Turn off the Auto Filter.  You cannot unhide rows that are filtered.