Problem: [DBNMPNTW]. ConnectionOpen (CreateFile () )

Problem: [DBNMPNTW]. ConnectionOpen (CreateFile () )


i have a report in Excel 2000 with vba coding at the back connection to sql server database. the macro run smoothly when i open the report with Excel 2000. However i encounter this error when i open this report using Excel 2003 :

[DBNMPNTW]. ConnectionOpen (CreateFile () )

please help…

Solution: [DBNMPNTW]. ConnectionOpen (CreateFile () )

Oh, or that the macro in the workbook isn’t using an ODBC datasource that’s local to the machine running Excel 2000.  Also, if that’s not the case, check the connection string to the SQL Server in the macro.  If it’s using a trusted connection to the SQL Server, then (again) make sure the appropriate permissions are set up for accessing the SQL Server from that system.