How To Activate Microsoft Office 2013

Due to the various changes made to the latest MS Office 2013 suite, the activation method has also been slightly altered, as users can now activate their copy of Office 2013 by not only entering a product key but also by logging in with a Microsoft or Organizational account. In a previous post I showed you “How To Get MS 2013 Trial Product Key”, in this post I will show you the activation process for version 2013.

Activate MS Office 2013

MS Office 2013 Activation Options

After installing MS Office 2013, just launch any of the applications and the activation option will automatically appear. You will be provided with three activation methods, including the option to either login with a Microsoft Account, Organizational account or to enter a license key. Whether you are using a trial version or have bought version 2013, entering a key might be the easiest way as it requires no internet connectivity and product associations with a Microsoft account.

How To Activate MS Office 2013

Activate MS Office 2013 From an Organizational or Microsoft Account

You can activate your copy of version 2013 from an organizational or Microsoft account by entering valid credentials. If you are using a Microsoft account, you can sign in with an account that you use for SkyDrive, Xbox, Hotmail (Windows Live),, or other Microsoft services.

Activation With A Microsoft Account

Activation Using License Key

Alternatively, click “enter a product key instead” from the activation prompt and enter a valid product key to activate your copy of the application suite.

Enter Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key

To see a demonstration of the above mentioned process, see the video given below. This video can also be found on the official WML Cloud YouTube Channel at this link: How To Activate MS Office 2013. The below video displays activation using a trial product key, however it also shows you the other two options that you can use for the activation of the application suite (if required or applicable)