InfoPath with SharePoint 2010 : Central Administration – Enable the Web Service Proxy

Scenario/Problem:You need to enable the use of the InfoPath Form Services Web Service Proxy.


Solution:Enable the proxy settings on the Configure InfoPath Form Services Web Service Proxy page.

The InfoPath Form Services web services proxy can be used to access web services without passing the credentials of the form user. A set of credentials for the web service need to be stored within SharePoint’s Secure Store service (SSS), which is the replacement for Single Sign-On (SSO).

A data connection file that your InfoPath form is using as a web service connection simply needs to be modified by adding a UseFormsServiceProxy attribute with a setting of “true” along with an Authentication element that references the Secure Store application ID. If the UseFormsServiceProxy already exists, make sure the value is set to “true”.

Listing 1. UseFormsServiceProxy Attribute
<udc:ServiceUrl UseFormsServiceProxy="true"/>

Listing 2. Authentication Element
    <udc:SSO AppId="<<AppID>>" CredentialType="<<credential type>>"/>

The possible credential types are as follows:

  • Basic

  • CD

  • Digest

  • Kerberos

  • NTLM

  • SQL

To enable the use of the web proxy, from Central Administration, General Application Settings, click the Configure InfoPath Form Services Web Service Proxy link under the InfoPath Form Services section. Enable the proxy settings, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Checking the options enables InfoPath Form Services to use the web service proxy.