New Features Of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

The initial version of Microsoft Office 2013 is now available and you can “Download Microsoft Office 2013 Free Trial” to benefit from the revamped user interface, performance enhancements and latest nifty features. With MS Office 2013 you can get the windows 8 treatment and upgrade to the newest version of PowerPoint for making stunning presentations. The user friendly interface and exciting new features can add value to your slides, as the successor of office 2010 is all about making better presentations and improving the availability of your content via the cloud.

New Features Of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

Facelift of Landing Page

Similar to the new features of MS Word 2013, the landing pages of PowerPoint 2013 have received much needed facelift, with the (Metro) Modern UI interface. In contrast with the previous version, the landing pages in PowerPoint 2013 aren’t confusing for a common user. Microsoft has revamped the landing pages to provide you with quick access to available local and online templates which are divided into several categories, e.g. Industry, Business, Presentation, Design Sets, Orientation, Nature, Media or Marketing, etc.

PowerPoint 2013 Landing Page

Integration With Microsoft SkyDrive

The PowerPoint Account Management window now comes with Microsoft SkyDrive integration. This enables users to use Microsoft and other web services with PowerPoint. You can Sign in to your Microsoft Account, and it will automatically connect to your SkyDrive account.


Syncing Across Devices Via The Cloud

Now you can work online on your PowerPoint slides and the file will become available on any device. Syncing feature can help you save the last location and make it easier to start over from the same slide, image or letter, even if you are using a different device after the last use. You can also use the same Microsoft account to sign in to Microsoft Office 2013 on numerous devices. This can help you saved documents and sync them to the cloud for viewing and editing them from any device.

Syncing Across Devices Via The Cloud

Awesome Color Themes For Templates

PowerPoint 2013 has one of the finest color themes and templates that are bound to make your presentations look extra special. You can also use various templates with different color themes. For instance, a theme with a light color scheme can be used with darker colors by clicking on the template and selecting an available color scheme.

PowerPoint 2013 Themes And Templates

Enhanced Presenter View

The Presenter View of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 displays the active slide from the left side and the Next slide at the top right corner of the interface. Furthermore, a timer appears above the current slide preview, with extra controls. Although the Presenter View is not a new feature, however it has been greatly enhanced in PowerPoint 2013.

PowerPoint 2013 Presenter View

Extra Laser Pointer Pen And Better Multi-Monitor Support

PowerPoint now offers an extra Laser Pointer Pen Tool, which allows users to zoom parts of a slide, see all slides simultaneously and enables users to switch Slide show and Presenter Views between monitors connected to your device.

Switch Slide show and Presenter Views between monitors

Alignment Guide and Shape Merge

Alignment guide is a new and interesting feature which helps you to align the relative text and objects in a slide. This function is quite helpful in merging two shapes with each other. You can adjust the objects according to dimensions and accurate margins. Parallel to alignment and shape merging, auto text- wrapping automatically readjust the text around the image.

Merge Shapes

Share, View And Edit

Sky is the limit, as you can share the PowerPoint files by inviting friends or posting links on social media. Hence, others can easily check your creative work and assist you, if assistance is required. The sharing option allows the person on the receiving end to view and edit the file in the browser. Even editing can be done in the absence of any kind of app, and user can edit the file, if he has Windows Live ID and publishes the edited slides to any SharePoint site.

Share, View And Editing Options in PowerPoint 2013

Insert Video, Photos And Audio In Presentations

PowerPoint 2013 enables users to add videos, audio and pictures directly from the web. In a previous post we showed you how to add YouTube videos to Microsoft Word 2013. The process for Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 is quite similar as Office 2013 offers the utility to directly embed content from the internet to your presentations.

Insert Videos Images And Audio in PowerPoint

Convert Slides To MPEG-4 Video Formats

While you can convert presentations to video format using PowerPoint 2010, however version 2013 provides extra support for MPEG-4 format, which eliminates the need for installing Windows Media CODEC installed on unsupported devices.

Convert Slides To MPEG-4 Video Formats

Complete Overview Of What’s New in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

To find out more about the new features of MS PowerPoint 2013, see this video by Microsoft about What’s New in PowerPoint 2013.


The enhanced features and new additions in PowerPoint have proved the hard work and commitment of Microsoft with its customers. The functionality of the beta version of Microsoft Office 2013 is under testing phase, however, the new version of Office applications including PowerPoint 2013 is a good utility to produce outstanding presentations, which can be viewed seamlessly on across PCs, Tablets and Smartphones.