Problem: What does “Ne02:” mean on Printer?

Problem: What does “Ne02:” mean on Printer?

I’ve created a macro which prints a bunch on spreadsheets using PDFCreator, and automatically assigns them to a temp folder under the name of a time stamp. Basically what is happening is that on my machine, if i set the printer as default and then use excel to get te name:

Msgbox ActivePrinter         ‘PDFCreator on Ne02:”

If i do it on another machine it will give me Ne01 or Ne03, etc….

What does this actually represent and how do i got about finding it out on a machine so i can change it in the code before printing?

Solution: What does “Ne02:” mean on Printer?

In the message, PDFCreator is the printer name and Ne02: is the port it uses. On my PC it’s called Ne20: but if I look at the actual port, it is called CPWPT987:, so I suppose I don’t really know why it’s called that.

I assume it’s a special port that does something special for PDFCreator.

If you want a fixed file name, change the port to File: (go to printer Properties, click on the Ports tab, and select File from the list of ports). Why do you need to know the exact name?