Minecraft cheats | Minecraft console (PS4, Xbox ) commands and cheats

If you want Minecraft cheats, we have all the Minecraft commands to fully customize your worlds

The Minecraft console commands are wonderfully easy to use; they are as simple as entering Minecraft seeds. When creating a new Minecraft world, you will be asked to choose whether or not to allow cheating.

Minecraft cheats | Minecraft console (PS4, Xbox ) commands and cheats


How to use Minecraft commands :

To get started with these Minecraft commands, simply press the forward slash key (/) to open the chat window, and then continue typing the command. You can use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through previously entered commands, and pressing the Tab key while entering the commands will toggle through the possible options. For most of these Minecraft cheats to work, you must be in a game where the cheats were enabled when the world was created. In a single player world where they weren’t, you can enable cheats by opening the game on LAN and selecting “Allow cheats” (even if you are not on a LAN), and this choice will be remembered until you leave your world.

Target selector shortcuts
@p – nearest player
@r – random player
@a – all players
@e – all entities
@s – the entity executing the command

Player Minecraft commands

/kill [player]
Kill yourself (or specified player)

/experience add <player> <amount>
Adds the stated amount of experience points to the specified player. Put the word levels on the end to add experience levels instead

/effect <player|entity> <effect> [duration]
Applies the effect to the specified player or entity, for an option duration in seconds.

/tp [player] <x y z>
Teleport yourself (or specified player) to the coordinates entered

/effect clear <player|entity> [effect]
Clear all effects, or optionally just the specified effect, from the player or entity

/enchant <player> <enchantment> [level]
Apply the enchantment to the specified player’s selected item, at an optional level.

World and Environment Minecraft commands

Produces a seed code so you can recreate your world later

Creative mode
/gamemode creative
Changes the gamemode to Creative mode, which allows player flight, unlimited resources and stops mobs attacking you.

Survival mode
/gamemode survival
Changes the gamemode to Survival mode, which means mobs will attack you and you’ll have to gather all resources the old-fashioned way.

Atlantis mode
Dramatically raises the world’s water level, submerging all but the highest mountains.

/gamerule <rule> [value]
Queries the value of a game rule, or amends it if an optional value is entered.

/setworldspawn [x y z]
Set the world spawn location to the player’s current position, or optional specified coordinates if entered
/time set <value>
Sets the world game time, use 0 (Dawn), 1000 (Morning), 6000 (Midday), 12000 (Dusk), or 18000 (Night) as the value

Change difficulty to Peaceful
/difficulty peaceful
Changes difficulty to Peaceful mode. Replace “peaceful” with “easy”, “ normal”, or “hard” for more of a challenge.

/gamerule doDaylightCycle false
Turn off the day/night cycle, replace false with true to reactivate

/weather WeatherType
Allows you to choose the weather or your world. Options include: rain, thunder and snow.

/gamerule doWeatherCycle false
Turn off weather changes, replace false with true to reactivate

/clone <x1 y1 z1> <x2 y2 z2> <x y z>
Clones the blocks in the region between coordinates <x1 y1 z1> and <x2 y2 z2>, then places them with coordinates <x y z> in the lower northwest corner

Fall damage
Turns fall damage on and off.

Fire damage
Turns fire damage on and off.

Water damage
Turns water damage on and off.

Item damage
Weapons no longer receive damage or degrade.

Stops mobs in their tracks.

Copies and drops the item stack that you have equipped.

Smelt item
Turns all items into their smelted form.

Store items
Stores all inventory items into a chest, which spawns nearby.

Item and Mob Minecraft commands

Instantly drops a desired creature or object into your world, especially handy for when you’re short a couple of tame ocelots.

/give <player> <item> [quantity]
Adds item to player‘s inventory, in specified quantity if item is stackable.

/gamerule keepInventory true
Keep your inventory items after you die, replace true with false to reverse