627.AM: Windows Phone Alarm, To-Do List And Weather App

If you are tired of the basic alarm clock functionality in your Windows Phone 7 device and are looking for something more robust with extra features, then try the 627.AM app. This free Windows Phone app comes with a number of rich features including alarm, to-do list and weather updates. 627.AM is a complete package to wake you up, help you revise your daily schedule and to find out how the weather will be for the day. When launched, 627.AM starts off with a walkthrough of its features (at first run) to help you get acquainted with the functionality of the app.

627 AM App

After going through the tutorial you can begin creating your alarm list. It is worth mentioning here that this app requires you to separately select an alarm time for each day. You can skip through days that you do not need alarms for, by tapping the alarm icon.


The Settings menu allows you to choose your location to receive weather updates, the preferred temperature unit and alarm sound. After you have configured your alarms, you can easily view your next alarm from the large green bar. New tasks can be added by hitting the ‘+’ button from the top of the screen. Like all to-do list managers, you can mark you entries as done after a task is complete.

Weather Forecast

The weather functionality in this app is divided in two sections. This means that you can see the week’s weather forecast or a 5-Day Forecast for your defined location. Despite so many features, the 627.AM app has a clean interface and you will not find it cluttered in any way. You can get the 627.AM app from the download link given below.

Download 627.AM