Automatically Manage Android Wifi Settings With Home Network Settings App

Home Network Settings is an Android Wi-Fi app for managing your Wi-Fi network settings. It is ideal for people who like unlocking or disconnecting their Wi-Fi according to the availability of their Home network. It has features similar to the Connection Checker app, as you can easily configure your  Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to enable or disable according to the availability of your preferred (Home) network connection. This can help you easily manage your Wi-Fi connection(s) and help conserve battery life by turning off Android Wi-Fi when not needed.

Home Network Settings For Android

As you might know, it is best to customize your Home Network Settings for Android devices, particularly according to the availability of your home network. Not doing so can very easily lead to frequent low battery issues, as a lot of your battery time might be wasted when your Wi-Fi is searching for available connections. The Home Network Setting app has been designed for people who use the Slide to Unlock feature for unlocking their Android device. The main screen of this application lists all the Access Points which might have previously been connected with your device. All you have to do is to simply pick your preferred Network by going to Menu -> Settings, to personalize your screen.

Wifi settings

Now let’s take a look at each option in detail:

  • Wi-Fi Settings: From here you can configure your Wi-Fi to turn off when you are not in range of your preferred network. You can specify a duration before your Wi-Fi is deactivated. Similarly, you can keep your Wi-Fi permanently activated, when your preferred network is in range.
  • Mobile Data Settings: You can auto-enable mobile data usage after your are disconnected from your preferred network and automatically disable it when your Home Network is in range.
  • Bluetooth Settings: You can automatically turn Bluetooth on/off according to Home network availability.
  • Profile Settings: By going to profile settings you can set a different profile for home and outside use. The available profile options include configuration for Silent, Normal and Vibrate mode.
  • Lock Screen Settings: These include configuring your preferred password type to unlock the screen. Furthermore, you can also disable the lock screen when you are connected to your Home Network. The. Default lock screen is automatically enabled when you leave your Home Network range.
  • Auto-Sync Settings: You can enable/disable account sync according to Home Network connectivity. This means that you can set your phone to sync your data when you are connected to the Wi-Fi, instead of using up your cellular data limit.

Lock Screen

For a Demo regarding the usage of this app, check out the below video. 

Home Network Settings has both a free and paid version. The Pro (paid) version costs $1.28 and provides an ad-free user interface with the option to select multiple preferred networks for  automatic management.

Download Home Network Settings(Free Edition)

Download Home Network Settings Pro (Paid Edition)