Best Quiz Apps For Android

In time of boredom, nothing works better than flexing your grey cells to play a good mind boggling quiz game. While most of us would admit that the majority of our free time is spent watching mindless videos and playing violent video games, there comes a time when something more meaningful appears pleasing, such as a nice quiz app. Moreover, a good quiz app is also something enjoyable to share with a toddler or a younger cousin, especially when you are stuck baby-sitting him/her. After all, you can get easily nabbed for playing a first person shooter with your 8 year old cousin!


Two Million (Quiz)

I’m sure you all might have seen those TV Shows that provide contestants with the change of becoming a millionaire by answering a few “simple” questions. These questions for some reason are so simple that their answers appear non-existent! If you are looking to become a millionaire at home every day, then Two Million is the right quiz.

Two Million (Quiz) has a simple format; you get 15 questions with 4 possible answers, 4 Tips and the chance to earn 2 Million dollars (that you will never be able to spend). The questions asked in the app are relatively simple yet tricky and serve as good entertainment for anyone looking to pass some time with a nice quiz app for Android. Just like a quiz show, users get the chance to remove 1 wrong answer (twice), calculates the probability of a correct answer or to ask a random “Hero” to help you out.

Two Million Quiz

Trivia Burst (Trivia Quiz)

One of the main features that lack in a trivia game app is the unavailability of a large number of questions. Once you have played the game a few times it inevitably becomes predictable. Trivia Burst (Trivia Quiz) is one app that fills this void. It comes provides 40,000 questions from 24 different categories which is enough to keep you occupied for a lifetime.

While most trivia apps offer virtual prizes, Trivia Burst offers users the chance to win real prizes for playing the game. In order to win a player must be logged in with a OpenFeint account.

The game’s leaderboard records your score and allows you to compete with friends to get bragging rights. As you advance further in the game different stages are unlocked after you have amassed a certain number of points. Users can even create and submit their own trivia to directly engage with others users and to gain popularity among the Trivia Burst community.

Trivia Burst

Quiz of Capital Cities

If you are in a mood for gaining some knowledge while keeping yourself entertained, then why not learn some geography? Quiz of Capital Cities does exactly what its name suggests i.e. it provides trivia regarding the capital cities of all countries and states in the world. The quiz can be taken in as many as 20 separate languages, in accordance with your mobile’s language settings.

Whenever a correct answer is given a green signal is displayed, whereas the button turns red for incorrect answers. To change the direction of the area for which you want to be quizzed, use the blue button. For each wrong response you can see the correct answer by using the answer button. While Quiz of Capital Cities is mainly a quiz app, however you can also obtain further information about a city or country by using the “I” option. All information obtained via the option is provided via Wikipedia.


World Cars: Quiz and Learn

World Cars: Quiz and Learn is definitely a gem of an app for anyone who loves cars. The World cars app and widget enables learning the names of various cars by taking a quiz. The app initially provides with 40 questions and after that a new question is added each day. You can either answer a question a day or use the “Quiz” option to revise old questions for testing the status of your current knowledge.

When the app shows a car you are asked the question (What car is this?) after which you can select the answer from available options. A semi-transparent progress bar at the top displays your score as you take the quiz. It is worth pointing out that the car models that are updated on a daily basis include some latest models, which means that even if you have good knowledge of car models, you are likely to get a few answers wrong e.g. due to lack of knowledge about new models.

World Class Cars Quiz And learn

Talking Kids Math and Numbers

It can be nearly impossible to keep a toddler busy, especially when you want him/her to learn something useful. Talking Kids Math and Numbers app has been specially designed for children to given them something useful to learn in quiz form. The app features a cute Penguin that is bound to attract preschool-aged kids in learning basic mathematics.

Since the app is particularly designed for learning purposes, it comes with a TV functionality feature and 3D graphics for a more comfortable and convenient viewing experience. Talking kids also provides voice interactions and text to speech functionality. If later a while you think that the app has become too basic for your child or you would like to take the learning experience to the next level, then you can always try Talking Kids Math Level 2. While level 1 is for pre-school aged children, the level two app offers more advanced calculations.


MovieCat – Movie Trivia

MovieCat – Movie Trivia is perhaps the most unusual trivia game that you are likely to play on any platform, let alone Android. The game test your movie knowledge with the help of text questions, puzzles and best of all, cats. Other than the option to take text based questions or to p[lay visual puzzles, you also get cats playing roles from famous movie scenes for quizzing your movie knowledge.

The user gets nine lives to win all five rounds to unlock the bonus scenes at that are displayed at the end of the game. If you find the scene adorable enough, you can also share it with a friend or save it to your mobile device. Overall, the game has 14 different categories and 15 cat scenes that you can unlock. While it might not seem much, the available puzzles are plenty to keep you busy for a couple of days at least.


Trivial Wiki : quiz & enigma

So you Bugdroïd is a clumsy Android whose book got stained with ink? At least that the theme of the Trivial Wiki : quiz & enigma app. The game functions in 3 modes, namely, Trophy Challenge, Ranking Challenge and Multi-player. The Trophy Challenge allows selecting a theme after which you have to guess 10 subjects to get the Bronze, Silver or Gold Trophy. On the contrary, the Ranking Challenge is more about climbing the leaderboard in a limited time frame. The skills in this challenge are measured against your friends and global players. If you would like to take on other players, you can try the Multi-player mode.

Trivial Wiki also features Siri like text-to-speech audio functionality to help you become the first one to answer questions. What makes Trivial Wiki better than most quiz apps is that it already has more than 10,000 topics related to Technology, General Knowledge, Science, Sports, Geography, Arts, History, etc.

Trivial Wiki Enigma

If you know of a good Quiz app for Android that we missed, then share it with our readers by leaving a comment below. Also check out our list of 10 best alternatives for the Android stock browser.