BitDefender For Android Protects Your Device From Viruses & Other Malware

One thing which has indeed kept pace with cutting edge technology is malware. It’s hard to believe how malware has become a threat for anything from a home computer to mobile devices.

BitDefender Mobile Security is a lightweight protection software for Android devices. It is the next generation security solution for Android, with focus on little battery consumption. It provides access to a number of robust security functions in order to keep you informed about threats and to secure your Android device.

Bit Defender


It uses efficient cloud anti virus services to protect your mobile device. The battery consumption is reduced by initiating the scanning process only when it is needed. You can also keep track of permissions granted to each application on your device, with in depth explanation of the kind of information each app may be willing to access, including sensitive data. This can help you identify if one of the installed applications contain malware like spyware which may be trying to access your personal information.


Malware scanner

You can grab BitDefender Mobile Security from the Android Market or the developers website from the links given below.

Download BitDefender Mobile Security (Android Market)

Download BitDefender Mobile Security (Developer’s Website)