Bookmark & Play Media &YouTube Video On Android With Mydiamarks

Mydiamarks (My-Media-Bookmarks) is a free Android application that lets users bookmark audio and video from various online and offline sources (including your SD card). This includes Webisodes, YouTube video, tutorials, vlogs, etc that you may be watching on your mobile device. Mydiamarks has its own native media player, music library, YouTube video browser/ player.


Bookmarking media with Mydiamarks can be done by simply playing some media, using the stop/pause button to stop at your favorite spot, selecting the bookmark option and saving the bookmark in the applications native library. To use Mydiamarks, you need to sign up for a free account or login with an existing ID.

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Other than the brilliant bookmarking capability the native music player is worth having a look at due to its elegant interface. The player can be launched by tapping the playing now tab on the application’s homescreen. While playing a track, tap the bookmark button, then drag the small orange point on the seek bar to bookmark it.

Bookmark Media

For bookmarking YouTube videos, tap on the YouTube tab, search for a video and play it, pause the video at a favorite point, swipe across the middle of your screen, this will display the blue +mydiamark button for bookmarking the video. You can also bookmark YouTube videos by tapping Menu > MydiaMark It.

All Mydimarks bookmarks can be accessed from the mydiamarks library. This application surprisingly has a neat iOS-like user-friendly interface and the developers have assured of an iOS variant coming soon.


Mydiamarks can be installed from the Android Market for free and works on Android 2.2 or higher. You can Download the application via the Android Market link or QR code given below.

Download Mydiamarks