Complete Walkthrough Of Instagram For Android

Instagram is perhaps one of the most famous photo sharing mobile application. It has been around for quite some time for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices running iOS 3.1.2 or above. Recently, it was launched for Android on Google Play (Android Market). For those of you who are new to Instagram, it allows users to take and upload photos, to share them via social media websites. Users can upload their own images and follow other users to discover new photos of their interest.

In this post I will provide you with a complete walkthrough of Instagram For Android and what it has to offer for Android users. You can also download the Intagram app for Android via the Q.R. Code or download link given at the end of this post.

To get started you will have to login and sign up with an Instagram account. To set your profile picture you are presented with a variety of options, including the option to take an instant picture from your mobile or tablet’s camera, choose an image from your library, or to import an image via Facebook or Twitter.

Sign InProfile Picture

Similarly, you can also import contacts via a contact list, or from your  Facebook or Twitter accounts. Once done, you are displayed with an option to begin following your contacts, (who are using Instagram). You can also click “Follow All” to begin following all contacts or simply choose individuals to follow, one by one. Upon signing up you are also presented with a list of some suggested users that you can follow to discover interesting images via Instagram.

Import ContactsFollow

Once you are signed up or logged in, you can begin discovering interesting images from around the world. You can check out popular images, follow individuals, search images and upload your own photos for the world to discover.


For those of you looking desktop applications and version of Instagram, you can check out the Extragram web service. It allows you to sign up for an Extragram account and connect your Instagram I.D. to discover Instagram images. You can also download Instagram images in Windows with InstagramDownloader.


Instagram for Android works with Android version 2.2 and above.

Download Instagram For Androidchart

Download Instagram For iOS and Android [Developer’s Website]