Connection Checker For Android Fixes Weak WiFi/Mobile Network Signals

Tired of a weak Android reception? If yes, then you might find a remedy by using Connection Checker. It is a free and Android application which checks the network status after a set time interval and toggles the WiFi / mobile network when signals are weak or non existent. It continues to fix your mobile connection until a stable connection is established.

It also creates a log entry to provide the user with useful details regarding network connection history. These log entries can be viewed from the Log tab.


Connection Checker has both a free and paid version (with additional features such as set to boot). You can both version from the application thread at XDA-Developers. It is an ideal app for users who regularly face network disruptions from the mobile service provider or wish to automatically boost Wi-Fi signals when required. Furthermore, it also provides some other nifty features such as the ability to stop network checks when Bluetooth is on and the ability to toggle between the Airplane mode or just your mobile connection

Download Connection Checker (Free)

Download Connection Checker Pro (Paid)

Post Update:

What’s in version 2.2:

  1. You can now select between toggling Airplane mode and just the mobile connection. (only works on version 2.2 and older devices).
  2. Added option to stop check when Bluetooth is enabled.
  3. Reliability fix for Toggle Airplane and mobile.
  4. More accurate connection checking ability.
  5. Added support for Japanese and Korean.
  6. Improved translations.