Convert And Scan Documents With Android Devices Using Scan Master

Scan Master is a free Android app that can turn your Android device into a multi-functional scanner. With Scan Master you can scan and record paper documents and photos, as well as edit images and convert documents to PDF format. The app has many robust features that are usually found only in paid apps. No wonder the app has a 5 star rating at Google Play. Scan Master comes with automatic document edge detection and also provides a document enhancement tool, advanced file finder, file sorter and more.

Scan Master

Scan Master Basic Features

Using Scan Master users can manage their PDF files with custom tags, create PDF documents out of common files and photos, scan document pages, merge multiple files to create a single PDF document and use document enhancement settings to create high quality versions of scanned documents in digital form.

Scan Master App For Android

Scan Documents

All core features of this app can be found from the home screen. The Labels button allows adding new tags to filter documents. To activate the scanner, hit the Camera tab. This will allow you to scan documents, toggle flash mode, snap new images and import photos from your Android gallery or an online source. To capture an image as a scan, hit Capture.

Scan Document Using Android

Edit Documents

To edit documents, long-press the document, and select the Re-edit option. Using the editor you can perform 90-degree rotation, with automatic edge detection, as well as crop and enhance scanned images using the available options in the Edit mode.

Edit Document

PDF Conversion And Management

You can set the order of scanned documents and combine them as a single PDF file. To merge PDF files, hit the Batch tab from the home screen and select the documents that you wish to merge. Once done, select Merge to combine the documents.

PDF Conversion And Management

Considering that Scan Master is a new app, we are likely to see more enhancements and even better features in the near future. Scan Master works with devices running Android version 2.2 or above.

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