Create Awesome Animations From Still Photos Using iPhone With Lightt

If you have found the title to be confusing, a look at the Lightt website might enlighten your senses. Lightt is a free app for iOS that provides users with the most unique way of creating animations. Lightt captures a number of images in a single burst and binds them together as a single animation. This technique is known as a “Highlight”, which is essentially a photo-video hybrid. A Highlight plays back a group of photos in a set sequence that gives the effect of a slow  video that is similar to a montage.

This concept is quite unique for a mobile app and can certainly add some color to conventional mobile photography. Moreover, one can create a Highlight without the need of any complex configurations or heavy editing. This app is likely to further enhance the functionality of the Lightt photo sharing service, which alone should be enough to get any photography enthusiast excited.

When launched, Lightt prompts the user to register for a new account and the sign up process entails creating a Highlight for yourself. After signing up, you can link your social networking accounts from Twitter and Facebook. Regardless of whether you connect your social accounts or skip the step, you can follow other users on Lightt. The app provides three major sections, namely Happening Now, Featured and Me. The featured area shows the most popular content, whereas you can see your contributions via the Me section. As evident from its name, the Happening Now section showcases the latest content being shared on Lightt.

Lightt App For iPhone

Animations can be liked and commented on by other users and you can share content via Facebook , Twitter or save it within the app. The animation viewer of this app is pretty slick and can be considered as one of the best for iOS devices. The most interesting part of the animation viewer is that instead of playing the image in a loop, it allows users to skip some frames by swiping across the screen and pausing via a single tap.

Lightt  App for iOS

To create an animation, hit the camera icon to initiate a capture session, this session will last for 10 seconds after which you can capture more 10 second animations. Lightt automatically stitches the taken images in the order they were taken (to create a Highlight). To refine your Highlight, hit Preview and remove frames that you do not wish to keep. You can Share your Highlights across Facebook and Twitter. It is worth mentioning here that each Highlight is attached to the end of the ones you made earlier, hence create a continuous stream of animations.

Still confused what Lightt is? Go to the developer’s website (link given below), scroll down the page and see what happens!

Lightt Demo

Lightt is available for free and has been optimized for  iPhone and iPod Touch. Lightt is compatible with devices running iOS 5.0 or later, including:

  • iPhone (3GS, 4, 4S and 5)
  • iPod Touch (4th and 5thgeneration)
  • iPad 2 (Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi + 3G, 3rd generation and iPad Wi-Fi + 4G)

Download Lightt App For iOS