Delete Multiple Contacts On Android With Contacts Remover

Sorting through and deleting contacts on Android individually can be quite annoying. Especially, if you have imported a ton of junk contacts from Google. Contacts Remover is a free Android app which makes it possible to select and delete multiple contacts on Android.

Remove Multiple Contacts Without Any Hassle

As not all phones have the same apps, it can be quite a hassle to delete multiple contacts on Android. For example, I recently switched from my old HTC Explorer to HTC Desire C, however, there seems to be no option for selecting and deleting multiple contacts. Furthermore, the junk contact list imported from Google meant that I even had “Digg Support” as a contact in my address book! Using the Contacts Remover app I was able to easily get rid of junk contacts and the best thing was that the app also offers the option to see contact details before deleting it.

Contacts Remover

Select And Delete Unwanted Android Contacts

The app is quite lightweight and straightforward to use, as you are provided with a simple UI from where you can select multiple contacts and remove them using the Delete button.

Select And Delete Unwanted Android Contacts

Search For Contacts To Delete

To see the details of a particular contact, hit the Arrow button. This will help you see if the contact is linked with an actual number or just an email address. You can also use the search utility within this app to search for contacts from your Phonebook. The search function works seamlessly across name, company, address and the like.

Select And Delete Unwanted Android Contacts

Contacts Remover has both a free and paid app. The Plus version provides extra features such as the ability to copy and filter contacts, as well as to identify and manage duplicate contacts. This app works with Android devices running version 2.1 or higher.

Download Contacts Remover (Free)

Download Contacts Remover Plus (Paid)