Download Chrome For Android For Your Phone Or Tablet

Google Chrome has long been one of the favorite browser for desktop and laptop users running various operating systems from the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platform. The speed and simplicity of Chrome is now available for none other than your Android phone and tablet. Google Chrome has been released for Android based devices and you can download and install it from the link given at the end of this post.

Chrome for Android can be installed on Android ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher, to give your device the power of the ultra fast and personalized Chrome experience. It is much better than the stock browser of ICS and is likely to give some breathing space to Android users who seem to have been left out in the cold by Android’s standard stock browser. Some of the major features of Google Chrome for Android are listed below.

Google Chrome For Android

Fast And Reliable Browsing Experience

You can benefit from the fast Chrome browsing experience with an accelerated page loading, scrolling, and zooming.

Chrome for Android

Search Using The Omnibox And Switch Easily Between Tabs

You can search and navigate directly via the omnibox. Chrome for Android also brings the utility to open and switch between an unlimited number of tabs in an easy to view stack. The below image highlights the omnibox and tab switching options and how you can benefit from them.


Sync Your Bookmarks And View Pages From Your Computer
With Chrome for Android you can sign in to to sync your bookmarks and view the tabs that you have opened on your computer. Furthermore, you can also send pages from your desktop to your Chrome browser to your Android phone or tablet, in just a click. This enables synchronizing and reading pages between your computer and your smartphone on the go, even when you are offline. Chrome for Android also brings the Incognito mode for smartphone users. You can benefit from Chrome’s private browsing feature in the Incognito mode.

Sync Bookmarks

For more information about the Android version of Chrome and the great features that it has to offer, check out the below video. This video provides a comprehensive overview of all Chrome for Android features and shows how powerful your Android experience can become by using Chrome.

For more details and to download the AAndroid version of the Chrome browser, head over to the Android Market and XDA Developer’s forums thread link given below.

Download Chrome for Android (Android Market)

Download Chrome for Android APK (Mirrorcreator | XDA)

[Screenshot Courtesy the Developer and XDA Developer’s Forum]