Dragon Mobile Assistant For Android Works As Good As Siri!

Dragon Mobile Assistant is a Siri like voice assistant for Android that comes with some exceptional features. Ever since Siri made its debut, voice assistants have been in great demand. Although Android has no shortage of apps that execute voice commands, however the accuracy of these apps has seen a whole new level ever since the iOS app came to light. In a previous post we explored Google Now, which is a native Android voice assistant. This time we are going to explore the features of Dragon Mobile, which might just become your favorite Android voice assistant.

Dragon Mobile Assistant Features

Dragon Mobile Assistant is an app by “Nuance” which has recently been released in the Google Play store. It is a Siri-like virtual assistant and can be used to:

  • Schedule events
  • Make phone calls
  • Conduct online searches
  • Find nearby amenities
  • Reply to SMS and emails
  • Post status updates on social profiles
  • Check weather and sports updates and more

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Listen And Respond To Messages

The Dragon Mobile Assistant can communicate with you in quite a natural way and also interpret messages and commands. Moreover, it also supports a Driver Mode similar to Sonalight, which allows users to listen and reply to text messages in hands free mode. Driver Mode can be enabled via the home screen widget or from within the app. As is obvious, this feature requires an active internet connection to work.

Background Wakeup Feature

The Background wake-up feature of this app runs continuously in the background, waiting for the wakeup command, i.e. “Hi Dragon”. This feature makes it possible to start the app simply by giving the aforementioned command.

Send Text Meesage

Dragon Go Like Search Engine

For search queries by the user, the Dragon Mobile Assistant app relies on its built-in search engine, which is similar to Dragon Go and aided by affiliated services. Furthermore, you can set your primary search engine to Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Things To Watch out For

Dragon Mobile Assistant still has room for a lot of improvement and there are some pressing issues that you should be aware of before installing this app. Currently this app does not support launching apps, initiating system features or playing local media. Moreover, it is as heavy as 27MB, a UI that can lag while performing certain functions and no log for recent actions.

Search results

It is worth mentioning here that Dragon Mobile Assistant is currently in its Beta stage, which makes the aforementioned issues understandable. This app is currently available only for Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Android Jelly Bean Devices.

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