Dual-Boot Windows Phone 7 and Android on HTC HD2 [Video Guide]

Ever wanted to dual boot HTC HD2 in order to install Android or Windows Phone 7? Here is a video that shows you how to do just that. Full instructions are available at the XDA thread (link given at the end of this post). A Video tutorial on how to dual-boot Android and Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD2 is given below.Disclaimer: This is quite a complicated process and if you are not careful enough, you may mess up your phone. WML Cloud will not be responsible if you damage your device  due to the below mentioned process. All guides and hacks are to be performed solely at your own risk.


1. Two SD cards (including a large one and a smaller one). For example, you can use an 8GB and a 16GB card. The one with more space will be your permanent SD card and the smaller one will be used for a smaller partition to run WP7 (which will be copied to the larger SD card.
2. SD partition software such as EASEUS ALL-IN-ONE Partition Manager which is available for free and can be downloaded from here).

For detailed instructions, check out the XDA thread from link given below.

XDA Developers Instructions