EyeReport For iPhone: Display Front And Rear Camera In One Video

EyeReport is a free iOS app that provides a quick and simple method to record videos to combine visual presence of the user in the recorded content. This can be quite helpful in creating demonstration videos, tutorials with voice over and cam view, as well as videos made on special occasions like Birthday parties, Weddings, family gatherings, etc.

EyeReport Feature Overview

One of the best features of eyeReport is its ability to allow users to load videos from the camera roll. Furthermore, you can also overlay a new clip on the existing video using an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device. It is worth mentioning here that this app does not activate both cameras simultaneously and therefore the user requires using a video from the camera roll or a pre-recorded video from the front cam to overlay it on the video from the rear cam.

eyeReport app for iOS

Instructions For Using eyeReport App

Users require recording from a single camera at a time when using this app. Since eyeReport does not activate both mobile cameras simultaneously, hitting the record button activates the rear camera first. This way, you can shoot a long a clip that can adjusted to the video with your face. As an alternative you can simply load a video from the camera roll. After you have recorded or loaded a video, just position your device and select the red button from the bottom bar. Videos made using eyeReport can be easily shared via email or across Twitter. You can even upload the videos from your iOS device to Facebook or YouTube.

EyeReport app for iPhone

As mentioned earlier, eyeReport is a free app. It works with devices running iOS version 5.o or later, including iPhone 5. You can run eyeReport on the following iOS devices:

  • iPad 2 or later
  • iPhone (3Gs, 4, 4s and 5)
  • iPod Touch (4th-5th generation)

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