Find Friends Using Indoor Maps With Snapp For Android and iOS

If you wish to integrate your social networks with an app that offers location sharing options, then all you need is Snap! Snapp is a free social network app for Android and iOS devices that uses a location technology that comes with indoors maps. With the help of this app you can integrate your social network profiles from Facebook, FourSquare, Twitter and friendswhere, post images and messages from you location, automatically check-in to places and more.

Snapp App For Android And iOS

The good thing about this app is that it not only brings together your social network profiles but also comes with a robust location tracking technology to make your social profiles “truly social”.

Snapp App For Android and iOS

Getting Started

To start, simply login with your supported social network accounts (e.g. Twitter, Facebook or FourSquare). Once logged in you will be taken to the map view, indicating your current location. You can begin tracking your social contacts via Snapp, provided they also have the app installed on their iPhone, iPad or Android device. As the indoor maps are collected via crowdsourcing, it might take some time to populate them.

Login To Snapp App

Help People Find You In A Hotel or Shopping Mall With Indoor Tracking

If you are located in an area for which indoor maps are currently available, you’ll get the option to switch between indoor and outdoor map views. In other words, you can let your friends track your precise location on map (e.g. in a shopping at a mall). The utility of having indoor maps is that you can help your friends find you in indoor locations such as restaurants, hotels, shopping malls and the like.

Indoor Maps

How To Find A User Using Snapp!

The tabs located at the bottom can be used to post Shouts (status updates) or to Check-In to a location.  To find a user, tap on his/her placemarker, which will reveal a similar screen from where you can stay in touch with the user’s status updates and check-ins.

Track users status updates and check ins

Control When To Share Your Location

Another good feature of Snapp is that it gives you the option to post update after each check-in to ensure that you have control over sharing your location.

Snapp App For AndroidFor more details about the usage of this app, check out the developer Demo video given below.

Snapp is compatible with iOS 4.3 or later and Android 2.1 or above. The supported devices for this app include the following:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch

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