Flashlight-X Uses Windows Phone’s Camera LED To Light Up Your World

When Windows Phone 7 replaced Windows Mobile, it was clear that Microsoft is trying to attract users with the use of simplicity. With the passage of time, however, a lot of people started complaining of WP7’s lack of even the most basic apps and utilities. First there was the whole copy/paste issue, and then the lack of Bluetooth file transfer turned users away. Apart from these major issues though, there are some minor nuisances as well. Take the absence of a proper flashlight app as an example. There have been many fake claimants in the Marketplace in the past, but most flashlight apps did nothing more than changing the color of your phone’s screen to give the impression of lighting.

An Easy Way To Control The Windows Phone Camera LED

Now that we are in the Windows Phone 8 era, things have improved dramatically. Flashlight-X has solved the longstanding issue of controlling Windows Phone’s camera LED via a third-party app. Flashlight-X is quite a simple app, but it still has all the necessary features that should be present in an app of this genre.

Flashlight X App For Windows Phone 8

Launch Windows Phone Flashlight When You Are in The Dark

Anyone who is just looking to use their phone as a flashlight in an emergency should pin the app to their Start screen, since Flashlight-X has a nice live tile and it turns the LED on as soon as you launch it. While the app would have been great even with this much functionality, there is plenty more to it.  If you are lost, and want to send an S.O.S signal out (a rare chance, but you never know) Flashlight-X has a special button for it. You can manually turn the light on and off as well, just tap the big green button in the middle of the screen. A Windows Phone app can never be perfect unless it works under lock screen. Flashlight-X has that capability, and can even keep your phone awake if you want.

Flashlight X Settings

Turn Flashlight By Shaking Your Phone

While the above features sum up the app’s basic functionalities, the developer has added a few bells and whistles to the mix as well. It is possible to turn the light off by shaking your phone, or overlay a compass with the app’s main screen, which can be great when you want to find your way in the dark. Thanks to some recent updates of the app, you can now control the intensity of the light using a slider provided next to the power button.

Flashlight-X Discharge

Since using Flashlight-X can take a heavy toll on your device’s battery life, the app displays the remaining battery life to keep you apprised of the situation. The app is available for free, and is definitely something everyone should have. Flashlight-X works with:

  • Windows Phone 7.5
  • Windows Phone 8

Download Flashlight-X