Generic Widget Lockscreen For Android Adds Home Screen Widgets To Android Lock Screen

XDA-Developers member FireZenk has come up with a great  app for Android users, known as Generic Widget Lockscreen. With Generic Widget Lock screen, you can place your home screen widgets to the custom lock screen, to access them even when your device is locked. In other words, the widgets remain available on your lock screen and can be used without having to unlock your device.

Once this app is installed, you will see the configuration menu which allows users to modify app settings. For example, you can enable or disable Generic Widget Lockscreen service, select a custom wallpaper for Generic Widget Lockscreen, activate volume key support for multi-media widgets, etc.


To unlock your screen, you will require Generic Widge Lockscreen unlock button to be placed on the app’s lockscreen. For this reason, make sure that before placing any other widget on this screen, you should place this application’s own unlock button.



So head over to XDA-Developers forums to download APK of Generic Widget Lockscreen to give it a try.

[via XDA-Developers]