Get Hotmail App For Amazon Kindle Fire

A while back I reviewed the official Hotmail app for Android. Now, the free Hotmail app for Android has also become available for Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets. Microsoft seems to be making sure that Hotmail can be easily accessed from any device. Therefore,  other than Windows and iOS,  Hotmail can now be conveniently used on all kinds platforms, including Android forks like the Kindle Fire operating system. See more details about the features of the Kindle Fire App for Hotmail, followed by the download link given at the end of this post.


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This Hotmail Kindle app provides you with an edge over the native Kindle Fire mail app. While the native Kindle app merely downloads your emails using POP3, the Kindle Fire Hotmail app is also capable of synchronizing your emails, Hotmail contacts, folders, and sub-folders. Moreover, this app provides the benefit of many customization options. For example, you can add a nickname to your account and set options for the number of messages are displayed from your past history. Similarly, you can also have truncate messages to display headers or the entire email, (up to 100KB).

Hotmail on Kindle FireHotmail for Kindle Fire

Just last year in 2011, Redmond rolled out many Microsoft based apps for non-Microsoft platforms. These apps included an updated version of Microsoft’s OneNote application for iPhone and iPad, a Microsoft SkyDrive app for iPhone, (which was naturally for cloud storage purposes), as well as a Lync client for Android and iPhone. You can download the Kindle Fire application for Hotmail from the Kindle store for absolutely free, from the download link given below.

Download Kindle Fire App For Hotmail