Get Latest Discount Offers For Android And iOS Apps With AppZapp

AppZapp is a cross-platform application for Android and iOS devices which provides users with information regarding the latest application discounts for Android or iOS apps. AppZapp informs users about price drops by push notifications or via email. There are hundreds of price drops everyday for applications on Google Play and for iOS devices (such as iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad), however, it can be hard to keep track or even find out about such discounts, some of which may be for a limited time frame.With AppZapp you can easily find such discounts within an easy to sort interface.

Basic Features

AppZapp also provides the utility to sync data with your desktop and can also be used to find the latest apps to be released in the Android or iOS apps store. Moreover, you can also stay updated about new features that may have been added to various apps on the Android or iOS app stores.


App Lists

AppZapp displays the current total value of your Apps (in “My AppZapp”) and provides price alerts from your purchased apps. Moreover, you can also share apps with friends via Email, SMS or Facebook. While you can instantly start exploring apps without an account, you can sign up for an AppZapp account to bookmark favorite apps. At start up, the app offers a lists of the latest price changes in the Apps store and alerts the user about apps that now have new features. The original and newly changed price of each app is listed with related information such as the app’s likes, genre and ratings.

AppZapp For iPhone

Android Beta Version

While the iOS version of this application is not new, the Android Beta version has recently been released on Google Play. As the Android version is in its early stage of development, users may face some functionality issues.

Sync Tool

The AppZapp sync tool can be download for Windows or Mac OS X. This tool allows to synchronize your Android, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad apps with your AppZapp account.

AppZapp Sync Tool


To get an overview of AppZapp features and how it works, check out the video given below.

To find out more, try AppZapp app for your Android or iOS device via the link given below. AppZapp is compatible with the following operating system versions:

  • Android: Requires Android 2.2 or above
  • iOS: Requires with iOS 3.1 or later, including iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices.

Download AppZapp (For Android or iOS devices)