Get Official Facebook Messenger App For Android

Facebook chat has become an important tool for keeping people connected. Facebook is not only used by common users but is also being widely being used by entrepreneurs to promote their business and to collaborate with existing and potential clients. Back in the day such tasks were performed via instant messengers such as MSN (Windows Live) and Yahoo messenger, however Facebook Chat has changed all that. Whether you are an avid Facebook user or use it for promoting your business, the official Facebook Messenger App for Android is the right messenger for your Android device. Unlike other instant messaging apps, Facebook Messenger app adds some extra functionality, which makes it more than a smartphone messenger.

This official Facebook Chat client for Android not only allows conveniently using Facebook chat, but also provides a number of other handy options which include having group conversations with your contacts, access to Facebook messages, as well as the option to add your location and share images and feedback about the delivery status of your messages.

It is good to see that the official Facebook Messenger for Android has additional options which makes it more like a Facebook client for Android, instead of a mere messenger app. This is because such features are often skipped by developers of the original web service and mostly such features are provided by third-party developers. The Facebook chat client for Android is quite easy to use and one can instantly start texting a friend, initiate a group conversation, receive push notifications to keep track of messages, and access chats and messages as seamless as messenger conversations.

Facebook Messenger

You can download this official Facebook Messenger for Android from the link given below.

Download Facebook Messenger (Android)