Get Official Hotmail Client For Android

Microsoft has recently released a free Hotmail client forAndroid with many useful features to compliment the Hotmail email service. It supports synchronization of emails from multiple Hotmail accounts and allows forwarding mails to folders and sub-folders. Users can also perform mail search and customize account settings.

Microsoft has added a security feature for this application which enables users to secure it by using a pin code for maximum protection of your mailbox. You can install this application from the Android Market link given at the end of this post.

The tabs on the homescreen include Home, All Emails and  Search tabs, along with additional tabs for individual email accounts, which are tiled according to the names of each account ID.

Hotmail For Android

Hotmail app for Android delivers push email messages on your phone without delay and the ability to sync calendar and contacts. You can also send pictures from your Android device via Hotmail and send, receive and view attachments.

The application’s Quiet Time feature allows you to select the timings when an automatic syncing task should be disabled. For example, you may disable synchronization at nights, for certain days of the week, during roaming or when your device has low battery.

Hotmail Pictures

The application is available on the Android Market for free. You may download it via the Android Market link or QR code given below.

Download Hotmail For Android