Get Touch-Enabled Recovery For HTC Flyer

As some of you might be aware, Team UtterChaos has released touch enabled recovery on a number of devices. Thanks to these guys, the list of supported devices has risen once more. Team UtterChaos at XDA Developer’s Forum, (which is built of  some very prestigious Developer’s, including DooMLoRD and Napstar), have started adding some nice tablets to the extravagant list of supported devices. The newly added devices initially included non other than Amazon’s Kindle Fire and HTC Flyer. However, it appears that Kindle Fire has been scrapped from the list.

You can find out instructions for HTC Flyer in this post. Furthermore, see the link for the XDA Developer’s Forum thread, containing detailed instructions and updates. The HTC Flyer version is based on ClockworkMod4 and is Flashable over recovery.

HTC Flyer

Disclaimer: This recover is still in testing phase, as mentioned by DooMLoRD. Moreover, you may follow the below guide at your own risk. WML Cloud and it’s team members will not be responsible if your device gets damaged or bricked, during the process explained below. All hacks and guides are to be followed at the user’s own risk. See the XDA Developer’s Forum Thread (link given at the end of this post), to find out if this process has reached stable state.

General Information: The recovery will be located on the recovery partition of your device and will provide you with additional features, as compared to other existing recoveries of this device.


  • Touch based navigation interface
  • Features taken from ClockWorkMod 5
  • The ability to backup & restore data to or from an internal SD Card.
  • The ability to flash custom from an internal SD Card
  • A quicker .TAR backup.

Please Note: backups that are created using this new recovery, may not work with previous ClockWorkMod 4

  • Additional changes to changes to graphics. Some  graphics have been ported from CWM5.5 (Ice Cream Sandwich edition)
  • A revamped layout for the recovery menu for making navigation better
  • Additional reboot options
  • Reboot into system
  • Reboot into recovery
  • Reboot into fast boot mode
  • Changes in “Partition SD Card” section and more


This recovery has not yet reached its stable stage and is still in the testing process. Please make sure that you have your data backed up, including the data on your SD Card. If the process does not work correctly, make sure that you can restore to the factory condition of your device.

The “Partition SD Card” option in ClockWorkMod 5, will delete your external SD Card.
The developer has only tested this method on his WIFI Flyer, he has requested users to check if it works for 3G version and not to use it on 3G version if it uses a different partition table.



Step 1: Download the recovery package (link given below)
Step 2: Place the package on an external SD Card
Step 3: Reboot into recovery and flash this package to install new recovery. Easy wasn’t it?

How to get back to Team Revolutionary’s CWM4 Recovery

Step 1: Download the Team Revolutionary’s ClockWorkMod4 Recovery package from the download link given below, (which is an file)
Step 2: Place the downloaded package on an external SD Card
Step 3: Reboot and flash the package to install the old recovery

Download FLYER CWM-Based Touch Edition Recovery
Download FLYER CWM-Based Recovery
Download Team Revolutionary’s CWM4 Recovery

To see a list of all supported devices (Kindle Fire has been scrapped, as mentioned earlier), any queries and updates regarding the development stage of this process, see the XDA Developer’s Forum link given below. If you would like to request a mobile guide, then leave a comment or contact me at

[via PoorCollegeGuy Source XDA Developer’s Forum]