Get VLC Beta (Neon Version) On Your Android Device

A few months back we saw a very raw Android build for the VLC Media Player. Recently, a beta version of VLC (Neon Version) was released on the Google Play store. In this post we will take a look at some of the features offered by VLC Neon.

Note: According to the developer, this VLC version is only for devices which have an ARMv7 CPU that will support NEON. The developer has assured of providing applications for other devices “very soon”.

VLC Neon

After installation, this is the message that VLC Beta displays. This goes on to show that the developer is warning users regarding the possible repercussions of trying to use this version of VLC on unsupported devices. This message is followed by  a thumbnail view of a sample video by Gary Jules and your recorded videos.

Warning MessageVLC Beta

Current Features

VLC for Android can plays most local audio and video formats and streams. These features are quite similar to the desktop version of VLC. VLC for Android has an audio and video media library and enables users to directly browse directories. It also provides support for multi-track subtitles, auto-rotation, gestures to control volume and aspect ratio. Furthermore, it also comes with a widget for audio control and provides supports for headsets control (audio) and covert art.

VLC Beta For Android

Missing Features

At the moment, VLC Beta is missing many features. Below is a list of a few things that will be changed later and current restrictions.

• The basic UI will be changed
• Performance improvements will be provided soon
• Audio issues might occur, which will be possibly fixed later
• Hardware decoding currently only works with certain types of hardware

As mentioned earlier, this is a RAW build of the VLC Player for Android, you may install it at your own risk. If you are feeling ambitious, then check out the link given below.

Download VLC Beta For Android (NEON Version)