Get Voice Direction And Street View On iPhone 5 With Google Maps

People, especially iOS users, might not have realized how much their everyday routine has grown dependent upon Google’s excellent mapping service and the turn-by-turn navigation instructions offered by it. However, when Apple announced that Google Maps will no longer be available as a native iOS app, there was a huge outcry. Apple promised to make up for the loss with a maps app of their own, but when Apple Maps finally did come out with iOS 6, they proved to be really disappointing. Complaints of wrong information, and missing features got iPhone owners clamoring for the release of the standalone Google Maps app for iOS. Google took its time, but finally obliged iOS users by releasing an amazing Maps app.

Google Maps For iOS Even Better Than Google Maps For Android

People have gone as far as calling the iOS version of Google Maps even better than its Android counterpart. Let’s take a feature-by-feature look at the app to see if the app is really good enough to quell all of the navigational worries of iOS users.Google Maps

Account Support

For the first time, Google Maps now lets users associate their Google accounts with the app. This means that the search results for places are more relevant to your interests and locations. The account login feature can also be great if you want the app to remember your navigation history and sync your data between multiple devices.

google-maps-iphone-account support


Of course, the app displays the map of your current location when you launch it, but it is possible to explore other areas pretty easily, thanks to the comprehensive search option on offer. Using the search box, you can find businesses, attractions and other buildings in your locality.

Google Maps for iPhone 5


As already mentioned, Google Maps for iOS supports turn-by-turn directions. These directions can be spoken out loud for you if you wish so, which is great for lost drivers. Another aspect of the app’s navigational helpfulness is its special attention to public transit and routes for local transportation systems, complete with scheduling information.

Google Maps For iOS

Street View

Street View wasn’t available in the older version of Google Maps, but the iOS 6 client has this feature. Although not all locations are supported for now, a lot of countries have pretty detailed Street View options.

Google Maps street view

Google Maps for iOS isn’t optimized for the iPad’s larger screen just yet, but you can use it there in a letterboxed view for now. As is the case with most of Google’s services, Google Maps is available as a free download and has been optimized for iPhone 5.

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