Get Wi-Fi And Data Usage Alerts On iPhone And iPad With DataMan

Many ISPs around the world have implemented a data cap on internet usage. This means that exceeding the data cap can result in a heavy charge that the user might only find out about at the time he/she receives the bill. Such data caps are also implemented by mobile phone carriers and one can easily run out of pre-paid credit or receive a phone bill that might hit you hard in the pocket. If you are an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch  user who requires tracking data usage of your Wi-Fi or mobile network, then you might find the DataMan application useful.

DataMan does not require relying on a single carrier and generates its own reports to alert users of their data and Wi-Fi utilization. You can even setup alerts to keep an eye on your data usage and to finds out when you cross a certain threshold of data usage. The types of connections that DataMan can track your monthly data usage on include, cellular LTE/4G/3G, as well as Wi-Fi connections. dataman_main

You can set the threshold for data usage by going to the Settings menu of the application. By default, DataMan allows adding up to 4 threshold levels, which should all be set according to a certain percentage of the total data cap set by your service provider. It is worth mentioning here that DataMan does not have any method of verifying how much data you might have used up in the past but rather informs users regarding the amount of data used after DataMan was installed on your device.


DataMan also provides users with the utility to set a Bill Date from settings, so that you may be able to find out when the bill maybe due for payment. You can even track your Wi-Fi data usage to see the amount of data that has been uploaded and downloaded using your internet connection. The configured automatic billing counter resets at the end of each billing cycle.

Data Usage

DataMan comes with a separate section that shows the data usage history for previous months. Whenever you reach a predefined data threshold, the app will send you a push notification, informing you of your current level of data usage. It is even possible to reset the app using the button provided at the bottom of the Settings menu in DataMan. This application can also be used with an iPhone, iPad and iPod device and costs $0.99. DataMan requires iOS 4.0 or later to work.

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