How To Clear Android Status Bar in A Single Tap

One of the biggest annoyances that an Android user must face are the various notifications that appear on the Android Status Bar each time you receive a message, install apps for Android or receive application updates. This can be quite annoying as Android newbies often try rebooting their phones to clear a crowded status bar or even try to tap each notification to clear the bar. If you have been doing any of this, “Relax”, there is an easier way!


Actually the status bar has a “Clear” option which can clear your entire Android notification bar in a  single tap, however such small things can often be over looked by new users who are unable to comprehend the various functions of their new smartphone. As shown in the screenshot below, all you have to do is to drag the Android Status Bar and tap on “Clear” to have a nice and clean notification bar without rebooting your device or having to go through each notification at once.

Clear Android Notification Bar

Frankly speaking, the Clear option is pretty apparent, however I wouldn’t be surprised if you landed on this page because you failed to notice it. This is because many functions aren’t all that clear in smartphones. For example, to check application memory usage one has to go to Settings –> Applications –> Manage Applications. It could have been easy enough for end users to simply have this option in “Storage”, however, for some reason Android developers reserved that for the Micro SD Card. This is the reason Android newbies often overlooked simple options, perhaps because they aren’t thinking of finding them so easily, that would be too good to be true.