How To Enable USB Debugging In Google Nexus 7

Enabling USB Debugging is one of the most essential parts of performing various interesting tweaks and hacks on an Android device. For example, you require enabling USB debugging to unlock or hack an Android device, as well as to perform customizations such as the installation of new ROMs. If you have just bought yourself a new Google Nexus 7, then here is the process for you to enable USB Debugging on it.


1. In the first step, connect the Nexus 7 tablet to your computer using a USB cable.

2. Now, head over to Settings using notification center.

3. Tap on Developer options located under System.

4. Switch Developer options from Off to On from the upper right-hand corner.

5.  Click OK when the “Allow development settings” dialog box shows up.

6. Under Debugging, tap on USB debugging enable debug mode.

7. Click on OK when the “Allow USB debugging” prompt is displayed.

8. In notification center, you will be able to see “USB debugging connected”.

That’s all that is required to enable USB debugging on your Google Nexus 7 device. Now you can begin tweaking your Nexus 7 and start having all the fun that an Android device has to offer.

USB Debugging

If you would like to get started with more Nexus 7 fun, then check out this single click rooting guide for Google Nexus 7. There can be a number of advantages of rooting your tablet, since it allows you the liberty to install third-party ROMs and applications that are limited to rooted devices.

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