How To Flash Android ROM: MIUI 1.8.5 Beta Instructions, Download Link

MIUI is one of the most popular Android ROMs in the world. MIUI is updated every now and then based on the feedback from its test users. In this post you will get a complete video walk through of the Android ROM: MIUI 1.8.5 Beta, along with the step by step method of using it. So take out that Android and start flashing it like a Pro.

Here is a video by 96edwyto show you the great features of this ROM and provide instructions for flashing it. Also check out the download links given at the end of this post. You may also send in your requests for video tutorials which you may require at the following email address:

Download Links:

Download for HD2 (ROM + English Language Pack)

How to flash the ROM

Courtesy: 96edwys Mobile (Facebook Page):

Disclaimer: WML Cloud administration will not be responsible for any issues which may occur due to the implementation of the above mentioned procedure (shown in the video). Try this procedure at your own risk. For any queries, you can leave comments on the YouTube page (link given above).

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