How To Gain S-OFF On HTC EVO 3D With Revolutionary

Since the advent of Revolutionary, the best and most convenient way to S-OFF on selected HTC devices has made users able to make the best use of their smartphones and tablets.  As some of you might already know, Revolutionary is a joint venture by the Unrevoked and AlphaRev teams and is used for unlocking HTC devices. In this post I will walk you through the process to unlock the bootloader and gain S-OFF on HTC EVO 3D.

Disclaimer: Please follow the below given guide at your own risk. WML Cloud and it’s team members will not be responsible if your device gets damaged or bricked during the below mentioned process. All hacks and guides are to be followed at the user’s own risk.

Revolutionary S off


  1. Go to the Revolutionary website and read provided documentation in detail.
  2. Once done, scroll down and click on the “Download for Windows” option.
  3. A Revolutionary utility file (Zip file) will begin downloading, while a Beta Key headline will be displayed on the website.
  4. Within the Beta Key box, you will be provided with options such as operating System, HBOOT Version, Serial number fields, etc. Select options according to the specifications of your HTC phone and “do not” close the webpage.HTC EVO 3D S-Off
  5. After the Revolutionary download is complete, just extract the content of the compressed archive to a location on your computer. Make sure that all files are extracted to the same location, within the same folder.
  6. Once done, download HTC Fastboot drivers this link and install them on your computer.
  7. In the next step, connect your HTC EVO 3D phone to the PC, ensure that USB debugging is enabled and remove all traces of HTC Sync from your system (PC).
  8. Execute Revolutionary on your computer by double clicking on it.
  9. This will display a Terminal window that will identify the serial key of your device. After the serial key is displayed, just copy and paste it within the Serial field on the form, on the Revolutionary website.
  10. Click Generate Key and paste the generated key at the relevant position within the Terminal window. It is advised that you should type the key, in order to avoid errors.
  11. This is the most fun step, since all you have to do in this step is to sit back and relax, as your HTC EVO 3D phone gains S-OFF, as well as an unlocked rewritable NAND. Once the process completes, you will also get custom Recovery on your HTC phone.
  12. Flash the compressed ZIP file posted here, in order to Perma root your HTC EVO 3D phone.

Note: In case you encounter any issues and require any kind of support, then head over to the official IRC support channel.