How To Get Windows Phone 8 Start Screen On Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 8 is the new powerful mobile operating system that is about to be launched by Microsoft. If you have been checking out the news about Windows Phone 8, then you might have seen the WP8 start screen. While there is little time left for the WP8 release, you can still get the Windows Phone 8 Start screen for your Windows Phone 7 device by using the W Phone 8 App.

This app simulates the WP8 start screen and allows users to resize to the new small and large tiles, change the theme color or “install” apps. Furthermore, you can design a custom layout to create mockups of the upcoming Microsoft operating system.

Windows Phone 8

The W Phone 8 Start screen contains the following apps:

  • Phone: People hub’s contact list.
  • Message: To open new text messages in the Messaging hub.
  • Email: To compose a new email.
  • Internet Explorer: Opens IE in Windows Phone 7. This is a new feature which will come with the WP8 operating system.
  • Settings: To change accent colors from the collection provided by this app.
  • Marketplace: To go to the real Marketplace. You can even pin any tile to the W Phone 8 Start screen 
  • Me: Allows you to post update to accounts using the People hub.

WP8 Simulator

Note: Microsoft has not created this application. W Phone 8 App is a simple simulation for fun purposes to provide users with features of the upcoming Windows Phone 8 OS on WP& devices. The W Phone 8 App seems to show the eagerness of developers to get WP8 features on WP7 devices. This is quite interesting to see as Microsoft has already announced that Mango users will not be able to upgrade to the new OS. It will be interesting to see new ventures by third-party developers to bring the latest WP OS features to Windows Phone 7 devices.

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Download W Phone 8 for Windows Phone 7