Regain Root Access For Kindle Fire After Update 6.2.2

Kindle Fire is no doubt the most hot Android tablet out there right now. It has been receiving regular OTA updates since a few days already, which have enhanced the tablet’s fluidity and performance. The new update has also delivered better support for manually setting up e-mail providers with in the Email app. Furthermore, this new update offers a new full screen mode for viewing web pages. However, as was the case with update 6.2.1, users who have updated, have lost root access. In this post I will walk you through the step of re-gaining root access for your Kindle Fire device.

To begin with, you can always use BurritoRoot by a recognized developer such as jcase, who has updated his tool, which now works with the new updated 6.2.2 version and gets you back the root access. Alternatively, head over to this forum thread to download the pre-rooted update package, which is flash-able with TWRP, thanks to forum member “nfinitefx45”. Since BurritoRoot 2 needs ADB, the re-rooting should not be all that difficult. You can find out more about ADB in my post here. For detailed instructions regarding using BurritoRoot, see instructions below.

Disclaimer: Please follow  the below given guide at your own risk. WML Cloud and it’s team member will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the below mentioned process. All hacks and guides are to be followed at the user’s own risk.


How To Regain Kindle Fire Root Access After Update 6.2

(You can skip the last step if ADB is already installed on your Kindle Fire device)

To force update for your Kindle Fire, download the update here, and sort it in the Kindle Updates folder. Once done, head over to device in the settings menu and the update button will be activated. For more information and queries, check out the XDA Developer’s Forums link given below.

[Source XDA Developer’s Forum via TalkAndroid]