How To Restore Kindle Fire To Stock Interface

I have previously provided you with a number of Kindle Fire guides, including a guide on rooting Kindle Fire, installing CyanogenMod 7 On Kindle Fire, installation of Ice Cream Sandwich ROM On Kindle Fire and more. While tweaking around with Kindle Fire can be a lot of fun, sometimes one may simply wish to restore the stock Kindle interface. The below guide will walk you through he process of restoring the stock interface of your Kindle tablet. You can follow the steps given below, or watch the given video showing the process, (courtesy “Jeff Benjamin” from Kindle Fire Wire).

Disclaimer: Please follow  the below given guide at your own risk. WML Cloud and it’s team member will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the below mentioned process. All hacks and guides are to be followed at the user’s own risk.



Step 1: To get started, download the Kindle Fire Utility and Kindle Fire Software Update, (see links given above).

Step 2: Extract the Kindle Fire Utility folder from your computer.

Step 3: Rename update-kindle-6.2.1_D01E_3103920.bin to simply

Step 4: Now, connect your Kindle Fire tablet to your computer using micro USB, open the root folder of your Kindle tablet and drag it to file from your computer to the root folder.

Note: In case another folder exists, rename it to and then drag the from your computer to the room folder.

Step 5: Open the Kindle Fire Utility directory and execute run.bat, using administrative credentials and select option 5 and p

Kindle Fire

ress enter to proceed further.

Note: If you get an error such as “We are unable to locate your Kindle Fire”, you require reinstalling your Kindle Fire drivers. If all else fails you can use SuperOneClick’s advanced tab to Check for drivers, (see above video for more guidelines).

Step 6: Kindle Fire will reboot to a yellow flame logo, i.e. TWRP 2.0 Recovery. This will allow you to recover to the stock Kindle 6.2.1 firmware.

Step 7: Now, hold the power button until it turns orange, this will display a selection of menus, Tap Wipe  -> Cache  -> Wipe Cache  -> Back.

Step 8: Tap Dalvik-Cache -> Wipe Dalvik-Cache -> Back

Step 9: Tap the Home Icon –> Install -> -> Flash

Step 10: Finally, Tap on Reboot System and Kindle Fire will reboot back to your stock 6.2.1 Kindle Fire interface.

This will restore your Kindle Fire back to the stock interface.

[via Kindle Fire Wire]
Video Credit: Jeff Benjamin (Kindle Fire Wire YouTube Channel)