How To Wake HTC EVO 3D With Swipe Gesture Mod

If you own an HTC EVO 3D, you would know that waking up an Android smartphone using a power button is not always the most convenient thing to do. This is because some Android models like the HTC EVO 3D have no physical power buttons on the front. This is quite different from other device like the G2, or Galaxy S models, which have physical buttons (on the front) to wake up the device. A solution to this problem is the PGM (Ponury Gesture Mod) app. It has been built for HTC EVO 3D by XDA member “bponury”.


PGM is actually a kernel module, which allows you to wake or unlock HTC EVO 3D via a simple swipe gesture from the screen. This is obviously more convenient than pressing the available Power button. Furthermore, you can lock your HTC device, just like you would unlock it. This mod does not require flashing any kind of ZIP files and can be installed via the Android Market app.


The only basic requirement for the use of this mod is that your HTC EVO 3D device should be rooted. This application gives you the ability to customize gestures. If you need instructions regarding the rooting of your HTC EVO 3D device, then check out this post regarding: “How to root HTC EVO 3D”.


For a quick demo of this application, check out this video by the developer.

You can simply install this Mod by heading over to the Android Market via the link given below and installing the PGM (Ponury Gesture Mod) application.

Download PGM – Ponury Gesture ModPonury-Gesture-Mod