HT Recorder For iPad: Record And Edit Audio While Skipping Silent Bits

Keeping up with a lecture can be hard and therefore recording it can be of immense convenience. However, recording lectures and other types of conversations through a large room can result in a lot of white noise and silent bits. HT Recorder is an application for iPad that skips such silent bits during the recording process. HT Recorder is fully capable of recording and editing conversations, which can be later used for transcription purposes. Even in situations where people are located at a distance in a room from your device, you can seamlessly record the conversation. This app reinforces soft voices, which even includes whispers. This makes it ideal for college lectures, conferences and company meetings.

Skip Silent Portion In A Recording With Volume Balancing Utility

HT Recorder comes with impressive volume balancing feature, which ensures that you do not have to constantly adjust your volume when listening to a recorded conversation. To begin the recording process, simply hit the New button and create an entry in the Library. You can begin recording via the Rec button. it is advised to create separate clips to better organize your recorded content. During the recording process you can select Skip Silence to skip recording silent bits without sound.


Comprehensive Audio Editing For Recorded Clips

This app supports three recording levels based on sensitivity. You can easily switch between these recording levels via the icon on the top-left corner of the equalizer. HT Recorder can increase or decrease the playback speed of clips and the The +5/–5 buttons allow users to skip recording by five seconds (forward or backward). HT Recorder has a pretty good editor which can be used to trim clips, overwrite a particular portion of a recording, as well as to copy a section. The bookmarking feature of this app makes it possible for users to remember and play specific parts of the recording easily.

HT Recorder For iPad

Send Recording Via Email, FTP or Wi-Fi

HT Recorder provides a comprehensive editor which enables users to to copy, paste, cut and trim audio files. Furthermore, you can also transfer recordings up to 60 mins via E-mail. If your recording is  up to 15 hours in length, it can be transferred via FTP, Wi-Fi or iTunes (USB cable).

Transfer Audio via Wifi, FTp And Email

HT Recorder costs $2.99 and is compatible with iPad devices running iOS version 4.3 or later. However, this app also has a version for iPhone and iPod Touch devices known as HT Professional Recorder worth $6.99. HT Recorder only works with iOS tablets.

Download HT Recorder For iPad

Download HT Professional Recorder (For iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch)