LockerPro Gives iPhone Style Lock Screen Notifications On Android

LockerPro Lockscreen is an Android app that brings iPhone style lock screen notifications  to Android devices. It is available at Google Play and can become your most preferred  Android lock screen replacement. Normally, one might require unlocking the Android lock screen to view various notifications, however, getting such alerts simply from your lock screen can greatly improve the way your device displays notifications.

LockerPro Lockscreen Overview

LockerPro can display notifications for literally any app installed on your Android device. In order to use the LockerPro Lockscreen app you will have to first enable its services by going to the Accessibility Settings screen, followed by Menu -> Settings -> Accessibility -> LockerPro. Once done, select the On option. Like most applications on Google Play, the app comes with a startup tutorial which pretty much explains the functionality of the app.


All Notifications Are Displayed As A Single Entry

LockerPro displays all notifications as a single entry, which makes it quite convenient to view notifications from installed Android applications. For example, if you receive emails from two different senders, the emails will be displayed as different entries on the Android lock screen.

LockerPro Lockscreen App

Launching Apps And Dismissing Notifications

To dismiss any notification, simply swipe to the left. On the contrary, swiping to the right launches the respective application. The behavior lightly changes if you are on the home screen, as swiping to the right from (your home screen) dismisses the notification, whereas swiping to the left dismisses all pending notifications. In such a case you can launch the required app by tapping the banner.

Dismissing And Launching Apps

LockerPro has a free and a paid versions available at Google Play. The paid version (worth $2.92) provides additional functionalities including the ones mentioned below:

  • Auto-hide the status bar
  • Automatically clear notifications
  • Hide the clear button
  • Customize the slider type and the wallpaper
  • Comes with portrait & landscape orientation
  • Provides wakeup option to wake up the device when a new notification is received
  • Banner notification and contact picture support
  • You can customize vibration settings

LockerPro lockscreen works with devices running Android version 4.0 or above.

Download LockerPro Lockscreen Lite (Free)

Download LockerPro Lockscreen (Paid)