PressReader Provides Access To More Than 2300 Newspapers And Magazines

PressReader is a kiosk app for mobile devices which provides the option to acquire news from more than 2,300 online sources according to various filters (such as by country and language). PressReader has applications from all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Windows 7 Slate PCs.

Many newspapers and magazines are moving to digital format and the latest to do so is NewsWeek. In the wake of such a revolutionary switch, it has become necessary to use digital sources for fetching news and reviews. While one can acquire relevant information by visiting numerous websites, apps like PressReader can be used to fill the void for acquiring on-demand digital copies of newspapers and magazines on mobile devices.

PressReader brings 2,300 digital newspaper replicas to iPad

PressReader allows filtering content from 2,200 newspapers from 96 countries, in 54 languages. Whether you are looking for the daily global news from your favorite newspaper or wish to stay updated with the latest fashion trends, PressReader can provide you with the necessary sources to get the relevant news.

PressReader Trial version

I recently tried out the Android app for PressReader and found it quite convenient as it does not require going through any complicated sign up and verification processes. While Pressreader is a paid service, you can instantly use the Trial version after installing the PressReader app. Once installed, you can instantly begin fetching newspaper issues for your desired newspaper.

Newspapers and Magazines

PressReader is meant to provide high quality content and convenience for end users, this is why the app comes with the option to filter out newspaper issues by country, language, favorites and recently viewed content.

Select Country

When reading news, you can conveniently switch between pages using the horizontal reading stream of the app. This stream enables flipping pages like reading real publications. Furthermore, You can also setup automated subscriptions to download newspaper issues according to your preference. Furthermore, you can also listen to publications and share articles via email, Twitter and Facebook.

Flipping Pages

PressReader has numerous subscription plans including the Pay As You Go package (worth $0.99), the Personal package (worth $29.95 per month), the Corporate package (worth $99.95 per month) and the Professional package that costs $199.95. Each package offers different types of features. For example, the Professional package offers 90 Access to back issues, 20 number of maximum auto-downloads and up to 300 monitoring alerts. PressReader On ipad

For more details, refer to the download link given below. PressReader works with the following mobile platforms:

  • Windows (including Windows 7 and Windows 8)
  • iOS (iPhone and iPad)
  • Android
  • BlackBerry

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