Reasons The Android-Age Isn’t All That Bad For Your Kids

A mix of tech and non-tech reasons

The sermon has been poured out enough number of times on how the Smartphones and the rest of mobile-breed are making your children dormant by the day. You would hardly contradict given the fact that kids today have deserted those games we cherished till the 90s – Hide & Seek and the likes of it – and are seen struggling with the virtual players of their mobile phone games, behind the four walls of their rooms. That’s not a pretty sight by any stretch, and how we wish the Android-age had drawn closer a few decades later.

Age of Android

But, is there a need to press the panic buttons? Not yet. Not until this Andoird influx keeps tossing up some incredibly good reasons for parents to advocate their increasing use among kids. There isn’t a dearth of reasons that help teens when they are carrying a mobile phone around.

The Android Apps that Help them Be a Better Student

Thanks to the breakneck speed at which the technology is being driven forward, the Android phones have come up with some of the most creative mobile apps that are aimed at making your child a better student:

Maths Alarm Clock

As the name suggests, this app combines Math with, well, a habit that is rated ‘good’ in every book. This alarm clock wakes you up at the time set and doesn’t go off till you are wide awakened. To shut off the alarm, you basically need to solve a math problem which won’t let the alarm go off until you figure it out completely. The more you struggle with the problem, the more awake you feel.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

The importance of calculators for students cannot be reiterated further. They are the indispensable part of any students study tool box. That said, it is easy to forget them and leave them at home. But who forgets mobile phones! With RealCalc Scientific Calculator installed in their phones, they know they will have something equally good to come to their rescue before the panic caused due to the missing calculator takes over and makes them jittery. The calculator is equipped with some amazing algorithms that lets them solve the most complex of problems.

Exam Countdown

Getting all panicky is much too common among kids when it comes to the exam times. Exam Countdown is made for those moments. Using the app, the students can create a list of tasks and topics they want to finish studying first. Prioritizing can be done in a much more seamless and effective manner. Also, children can share the problems with their friends and formulate a solution collectively.

Androif for Children

How Smartphones Help Kids on a Personal Level

They keep them safe – With cell phone tucked inside their pockets, the kids won’t have to scramble for help in some not so favorable situations. They can simply call their parents or siblings and with the influx of latest technology, the kids’ locations can be seamlessly tracked.

They keep them in-sync with the latest – Admit it, your children were anyways not so used to reading newspapers. But with an easy access to Internet, being updated to the latest happenings seems more interesting.

The introverts can get rid of their social awkwardness – If your child is an introvert, you have been worrying too much about how to get them make friends. But the apps like WhatsApp and Facebook on their Smartphone, they find it easier to get rid of their shyness and inhibitions and hit it off with people they won’t usually talk to in-person.

With so much to relish, the Android age has also given parents reasons to breathy easy.

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