Remotely Manage Android With SpyCam Support Using

If you ever wanted to remotely control your Android device or wish to transform it into a Spy Cam, then is exactly what you need. This free Android application enables users to control their Android phones via a browser. You can even send or receive SMS, share images, export messages, as well as locate your phone if it gets lost. works with a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connections and provides a clean user interface.

To use this application, simply navigate to via your Android browser to install the mobile client. This app supports multiple pairing modes, including the option to use Facebook or Google account or QR code scanning from your device. During the pairing process you can optionally add a password for extra security. After your mobile is paired, you can start using

Connect Browser

Now let’s explore the basic features of this application:

Send And Export Text Messages: You can use your browser to send and receive messages via your Android phone and even export your text messages to save your conversations in just a click.

Manage your contacts: You can edit, remove and create new contacts on the fly.

text Messages

Become A Spy:You can use to use your Android phone as a spying device by activating the spycam (mobile camera) to record what the camera can see.

Recover Lost Phone: Tired of losing your phone when it gets lost in your pillow in silent mode? can help you resolve this problem by ringing the alarm even if it’s on mute. Furthermore, you can locate your phone on a map to track where it is going.

Locate Phone

Low Battery has been optimized to conserve battery power. This is why you can use it across a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G network without worrying about frequent battery drain issues.

Share Pictures:With you can edit and share your pictures across Facebook and create a private link to the picture gallery.

Share Pictures works with Android 2.2 or above.