Send Text And Media Files Across Facebook, Twitter, etc With Android, iPhone With Hellotxt

Hellotxt is a web service that allows connecting multiple accounts from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, etc for posting text messages, pictures and videos to your social media accounts simultaneously. Hellotxt also has an application for iPhone, iPad and Android devices to make your social networking experiences smooth across your online accounts from multiple websites.

You get started you can either sign up for a new account or sign in with your Facebook and Twitter account.


Once signed in, you can got to Manage Networks to connect multiple online accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, My Space, Bebo, Hi5, YouTube and many more.


From the Dashboard, you can send text or media files including pictures (by uploading pictures or from your Flickr account), videos (from a given URL) and Audio (from to all your connected accounts simultaneously.


The entered context is instantly updated on all of your connected accounts. The media files are sent as a URL as the uploaded content is saved on the hello text website.


You can perform the same functions from your Android, iPad or iPhone device by downloading the Hellotxt app.



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