Speaktoit: Voice Assistant For Android, iPhone And Windows Phone

Android devices have no shortage of Siri like voice assistants like Google Now, Dragon Mobile Assistant And SpeakMe. Recently, another voice assistant joined the race of taking on the best in the business after a huge update. Speaktoit is a voice assistant that has applications for multiple mobile platforms including Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The recent update for Android has added major options for user interface personalization, backgrounds and avatars.

Speaktoit For Android

Speaktoit comes integrated with Facebook and is capable of reading out comments on Facebook posts. Furthermore, it supports integration for many other famous cloud based services including Wikipedia, Google Maps, Google Calendar, TripAdvisor, Bing Translator, Yelp, ChaCha, Evernote, etc.

Speaktoit Voice Assistant

To use Speaktoit Voice Assistant, you will have to sign up for an account. This account can be used on all supported devices.

Speaktoit Sign up

After logging in with your account you can seek answers for questions, performs tasks, find information, launch apps and connect with various web services, including Google, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Evernote, and others. The main screen allows speaking to the voice assistant for performing queries. Speaktoit corresponds directly with the end user just like Siri. For example, saying “Hello” comes with a reply such as “Good Day “.

Give Voice Commands

You can enable/disable Conversation mode, Shake (to turn Speaktoit on or off) and SMS reading mode from Settings. Moreover, you can also customize your assistant by selecting the avatar or background. From the Activation option in Settings you can select the Shake Strength , enable the assistant to start from Status Bar and also enable Bluetooth headset to speak to the voice assistant.

The Bulb icon from the main screen takes you to the Skills section which displays all the functions that you can perform using Speaktoit. This includes the following:

  • Get Answers For Questions: Answers for questions are provided using Encyclopedias like Wikipedia and Chacha, likewise, weather information and basic maths questions can also be answered.
  • Perform Tasks:  You can call someone, send texts and emails, update statuses from social networks, organize calendar, set alarms, play music and videos, open websites, organize notes, open applications, perform translations and more.
  • Read Text Messages: You also can use Speaktoit to read text messages.

Activate Bluetooth

Speaktoit For iOS

As mentioned earlier, Speaktoit also works with iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. The iTunes page has a message that significant improvements with speech are coming up in the next release. Speaktoit for iOS costs $0.99, whereas the Android version is available for free. Speaktoit has also been optimized for iPhone 5.

ispeaktoit for iPhone

Speaktoit For Windows Phone

Unfortunately, Speaktoit for Windows Phone has not received a very positive response from end users and there have been some complaints regarding functionality issues. Furthermore, the Windows Phone version of Speaktoit is not free and costs $1.99.

ispeaktoit for Windows Phone

You can download Speaktoit for all three platforms via the link given below. Speaktoit has versions for the following platforms and OS versions:

  • Devices Running Android 2.1 And Highier
  • Devices Running Windows Phone 7.5 or higher
  • Devices Running iOS 4.3 or later (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad)

Download Speaktoit Voice Assistant (For Android, iOS and Windows Phone)