TeeVee Shows Gives TV Show Schedules And Season Renewal Info On Android

It’s always good to know when your favorite TV Show episodes will be aired and if the new season has been renewed. Sometimes, one can miss out on details like the cancellation of a TV Show when starting to watch a new series, which can be quite annoying. This is particularly true for TV Shows that get unexpected axed during mid-season or after initial announcements of possible renewal. TeeVee Shows Guide is a free Android app which provides in-depth details about the upcoming and former air dates of your favorite TV Shows, as well as provides detailed information such as the synopsis, current status (cancelled or renewed), starting date of the show and more.

TeeVee Shows Guide Overview

TeeVee Shows Guide App supports schedules from over 5000 TV shows. The app also runs in offline mode and requires no sign up to receive notifications, furthermore, you can also sync the airing episode dates with Google Calendar to receive notifications according to your time zone. The app also provides a widget that can be added to keep an eye on episodes that are to be aired from your TV Show list. All data regarding TV Shows is collected using the TVRage service.

TV Shows Guides And Renewal Info on Android

Track And Get Notifications For TV Show Episodes

TeeVee Shows app provides three basic tabs namely; Calendar, My Shows and Trending. To begin adding new shows you can go to the Trending tab and click the + button next to shows that you may be interested in keeping track of. These shows will then be displayed in the My Shows tab.

TeeVee Shows Guides App

Search And Add TV Shows

Alternatively, you can hit the “+” button from the top of the app’s interface to search for TV Shows by name and select a show from the list that appears in the search result. The search result displays shows with flags on their native countries for easy identification for a TV series which may have the same or similar name as a show running in another country.

Search TV Show

Check TV Show Renewal Information, Synopsis And More

The selected TV Show from a search result or via the My Shows tab (for shows added to your personal list) is displayed with detailed information regarding the series including; the starting date and year of the series, end date of the series (if the show has ended), Status (Canceled or Renewed), Runtime of episodes, TV Network, Airtime (according to your location),  Airdays (e.g. Sunday) and Synopsis. Hence, to find out if a TV Show is renewed or canceled, you can either search for it or if it is already added to your My Shows list, you can see these details by tapping on the show’s name.

TV Series

Google Calendar Integration For TV Show Alerts

In case you are wondering the functionality of the Calendar tab, it can be used to Sync the episode air dates with your Google Calendar. To change settings for customizing TV Show schedules, hit the Settings option from the top menu (Cog icon). From here you can enable sync with Google Calendar, enable alarms for events via Google calendar (e.g. for episode air times), select time format, enable background updates, receive notifications when new episodes are scheduled,  enable episode filter to select show dates from a specific time (e.g. from last month), select your timezone and language, as well as change the widget theme for the TeeVee Shows app.

Sync TV Show Schedule With Google Calendar

TeeVee Shows Guides works with Android devices running version 2.0 or above. If you are looking for an Android app to watch free TV Shows, the check out my review of the Droid Streamer app.

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